Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leungs at SF

Went to Ike's sandwich, waited for 30ish minutes

 Then Spencer drove us to Pier 39 to enjoy our sandwich

 Calm down Nate, don't choke

 At the lefty store in Pier 39
 So if you use your right hand to drink from the cup, liquid inside the cup will leak through the hole, smart! Lefty's only
 Kevin said he wanted those shorts

 Ship passed by, I waved at them, no-one waved back, boring people

 49ers couple

 Kid volunteer

 A random kid told me this is a rip off

 Pretty self-explanatory
 It's amazing what photoshop can do. This shot is a random one I used to test the angle and lighting, purely guinea pig shot. But photoshop is able to turn this picture into something decently worthwhile to look at...(look how the sky is over-exposed)
 Spencer Tebowing!

 He was "acting" normal
 Dinner with some bros, Tofu house

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