Monday, January 23, 2012


49ers...NOTHING BUT FIRST CLASS, nuff said

You know a team is a great team when teammates support each other, it is never one person's fault, everybody got each other's back....I am so encouraged to see how the 49ers all defended Kyle Williams in the end. If there is one thing I learned from the 2011 season, it is to be team oriented.

I am sorry I bashed on Kyle Williams earlier, hope he's feeling better...its alright dude, get em again next year!

49ers faithful!

The soul/ emotional leader of 49ers:
 Patrick willis 
 keep ur head up. U r my brother n teammate N I would put u back there all over again. We all lost this game tonight not u.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its alright 9ers, we will be back next year!

Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.....Extremely intense head was hurting real bad, my heart was pounding hard. In the end, we lost, but I firmly believe that the 49ers will come back next year!

Not gonna lie, I am very down right now, I feel like I am gonna eat my sorrow away...haha.
There are many moments where we could have won...our defense was amazing, time after time they stepped up and stopped Eli.

But what can you do? Terrible fumble call, Kyle Williams messed up TWICE....sighhh

Even though Kyle Williams pretty much single handedly won the game for the Giants, I pray that people won't be too hard on him...and more importantly, I pray that the Niners fan won't do anything stupid; no-one will get hurt.

I am sure I will be fine after a while, just the thought of almost reaching to Superbowl, and then the chance went down the drain...its tough :(

Well, thank you so much for giving me a hopeful and entertaining season Niners, you guys did great, definitely proud of you guys, I am certain we will be back...NEXT YEAR.

Upperclassmen Retreat/ Hotpot

Before everyone got here, we watched Keeping up with the Kardashians to kill time...
 Beginning of retreat!

 Thanks Chris for leading worship, it was awesome
 Couple picture

 The series of Erica holding onto my leg and beg me for something...I forgot what it was

 2v2 Football! Extremely hilarious

 dropped pass, definitely lots of Ted Ginn moments
 The beginning of the "S" route

 I lost Torrance!
 dang over thrown...that would have been a touchdown

 Thanks Ed for hosting hotpot, great night.

 Taiwanese Apple Cider...."Apple Sidra", it was great, I actually like this more than American ones

 Green tea cake for dessert

 This game.....its gonna ruin my life

Thursday, January 12, 2012

NSG Hang out and Secret Santa with dem boyss

Nate is so happy, I think he got a gonorrhea plush?

 Matt got batman comics
 Haha he was actually a bit disappointed but he got planet earth afterwards so all good
 Seaton got Percy Jackson series
 My gift! Fav hat so far, gonna rock it this Sat
 NSG hang out

 This guy...always modeling
 Worship team, great stuff, thanks!

 Blessed be your name, AMEN!
 The other team that sucked, #whateverdontcare

 Caleb is a vampire, how can he not win the most pale skin contest?
 Josh's legs are shaking actually

 The dragon boat
 The start of the series of embarrassing pictures

 Jenn...where are you aiming?
 Nice catch

 Moded EVA, and DAI HAO

 : / almost got it Phil