Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its alright 9ers, we will be back next year!

Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.....Extremely intense head was hurting real bad, my heart was pounding hard. In the end, we lost, but I firmly believe that the 49ers will come back next year!

Not gonna lie, I am very down right now, I feel like I am gonna eat my sorrow away...haha.
There are many moments where we could have won...our defense was amazing, time after time they stepped up and stopped Eli.

But what can you do? Terrible fumble call, Kyle Williams messed up TWICE....sighhh

Even though Kyle Williams pretty much single handedly won the game for the Giants, I pray that people won't be too hard on him...and more importantly, I pray that the Niners fan won't do anything stupid; no-one will get hurt.

I am sure I will be fine after a while, just the thought of almost reaching to Superbowl, and then the chance went down the drain...its tough :(

Well, thank you so much for giving me a hopeful and entertaining season Niners, you guys did great, definitely proud of you guys, I am certain we will be back...NEXT YEAR.

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